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New product releases from Oakley

There has been a fair bit of news and new product releases from Oakley over the past month.

First and foremost, Oakley has been acquired by Luxottica. I hope that this has no effect on their quality and offerings. Luxottica does own several other high end sunglass brands, including Ray-Ban.

Earlier this month, Oakley rolled out a dedicated line of polarized sunglasses under the Nanowire name. Colin Baden, Oakley President states, "This Oakley original combines innovations like our Hydrophobic(tm) lens technology with a unique frame architecture that takes advantage of flexible titanium alloy. The ultra-lightweight metal allows for fluid, sculptural forms that maintain the comfort of an adaptable fit and the added benefit of being able to take a great deal of abuse while maintaining its shape."

I can personally attest to the durability of the Oakley wire sunglasses. I have two pairs. One pair that I use while riding is from the original wires line and while bent up a little bit, still provide excellent coverage and protection. The second pair are used as my "everyday" sunglasses and are stylish and durable. I have been wearing Oakleys since my BMX days and they have always been great.

Oakley also introduced "Livestrong" editions of their Radar and Flak Jacket sunglasses. $20 from the sale of each model will go to Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation.

Though just introduced, the Radar model has already become a fixture on the Pro Tour.

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